Graduate Student Awards


E-MRS announces the availability of awards (up to 2 per symposium) for graduate students conducting research and a topic to be addressed in the symposia planned for the E-MRS 2019 Fall Meeting.


Each award will consist of a grant of 350 EUR that will be offered at the beginning of the social event jointly with a diploma.


Criteria for selection are:

  • Participation at the E-MRS 2019 Fall Meeting as an attendee and author or co-author of a symposium paper.
  • Outstanding performance in the conduct of this project and promise for future substantial achievement in materials research as judged by the faculty advisor.
  • Significant and timely research results.


Application materials required:

  • Application form duly completed
  • Abstract of paper to be presented at the meeting
  • Letter of support from research supervisor.


Submit the complete application form by email to the E-MRS Secretariat by July 15, 2019 at the latest.


Winners will be notified on-site directly by the concerned symposium organizer.


All finalists must attend the Graduate Student Award ceremony held at the beginning of the social event on Wednesday evening September 18, 2019.