EpE / E-MRS bilateral workshop



1st EpE / E-MRS Bilateral Workshop
Wed. 24th of May, 8:30-16:00



Materials for Decarbonized Circular Economy

Morning session: room Adenauer - First floor
Afternoon session: room Madrid 1 - Ground floor


The goal of this EpE / E-MRS workshop is to gather high level industrialists and scientists in order to identify topics and issues for which more pro-active synergy between these two sectors could significantly enhance the environmental burden of our consumerist

“Entreprise pour l’Environnement” (EpE), founded in 1992, is an association of around fifty French and international large companies from all sectors of the economy, who want to make environmental considerations more a part of both their long-term planning and their day-to-day management.

Session 1: Production, storage and use of CO2 and Hydrogen
S1.0    08.30-08.45    Introduction by C. Tutenuit (EpE), E. Fogarassy (E-MRS) and G. Dennler (E-MRS)
S1.1   08.45-09.10   Stéphane Haag (Air Liquide)
“Power-to methanol route”
S1.2   09.10-09.35   Prof. Marc Robert (University Paris Diderot, LEM, France)
“Running the clock: CO2 analysis at the age of Anthropocene”
S1.3   09.35-10.00   EDF
S1.4   10.00–10.25   Prof. Wolfram Jaegermann (Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany)
“Efficient photoelectrochemical H2 generation: physical boundary conditions, promising device structures, and materials science challenges”
Coffee Break: 10.25 – 10.50
Session 2: Recycling, reuse and eco-conception
S2.1   10.50–11.15   Claire Tutenuit (Entreprises pour l'Environnement)
“Towards circular economy ? Challenges for materials”
S2.2   11.15–11.40   Oliver Gutfleisch (Fraunhofer IWKS, Hanau, Germany)
“Rare Earth Re-Use and Recycling”
S2.3   11.40–12.05   Veolia or Solvay (tbc)
S2.4   12.05–12.30   Arnaud Parenty (Association Alliance Chimie Recyclage, France)
“Chemistry: a key role in achieving circular economy”
Lunch Break: 12.30 – 14.00
Session 3: Round table
S3.1   14.00–14.45   Keynote lecture: Prof. Philippe Chalmin (Paris Dauphine University, France)
"Raw Materials : from scarcity to a decarbonized circular economy"
S3.2   14.45–15.45   Round table moderated by C. Tutenuit (EpE)
S3.3   15.45–16.00   Conclusion and closing
by C. Tutenuit (EpE), E. Fogarassy (E-MRS) and G. Dennler (E-MRS)